Sycomp Experts Discuss HPC, AI and Storage with theCUBE

The Sycomp HPC team made waves at SC23, which took place in Denver, CO, from November 12-17. Sycomp showcased our patented solution, Sycomp Storage fueled by IBM Storage Scale, across Azure, Google Cloud, and the forthcoming IBM Cloud integration. Catch Sycomp and other industry cloud leaders share their insights and advice on HPC, storage, AI and cloud computing on theCUBE.

Scott Fadden, Sr. Solutions Architect, HPC & Storage, Sycomp and John Zawistowski (JZ), Global Systems Solutions Executive, Sycomp, join theCUBE host Rebecca Knight in this segment of SC23.

John Zawistowski (JZ), Global Systems Solutions Executive, Sycomp; Leon Platts, Vice President – IBM Cloud High-Performance Computing; and Hugo Saleh, Head of HPC, Director of Product, Google Cloud in The Cube’s live coverage at SC23.