High Performance Computing

Sycomp has the solutions to support your organization’s increasing demand in compute and data-intensive workloads to achieve higher quality results faster and improve performance, scalability, and need for more intelligent infrastructure.

Sycomp provides High-Performance Storage and Compute solutions to support clients across a wide variety of industries across the globe. We scope your Compute, Network, and Storage capacity needs to optimize price and performance of your infrastructure.


Identify and remove infrastructure bottlenecks to ensure efficient and consistent GPU access, enabling the most data-intensive workloads.

Cohesive Data Management

Orchestrate and automate a cohesive and cost-effective unified data management strategy to get the most out of your workloads.

Deploy with Ease

Full-stack integration capabilities to quickly assess Proof of Concepts and easily deploy a unified HPC solution.


Deploy the accelerated databases and deep learning frameworks required to gain greater insight from your data.


Leverage Sycomp's skills and expertise to accelerate your journey to AI.

Empower Data Scientists

Save time with solutions to analyze model frameworks, workflows, and infrastructure scalability and let your data scientists collaborate on high-value work.

Scale with Ease

Enabling customers in their HPC journey by architecting and leveraging GPU based Systems coupled with high performance storage, cloud and hybrid cloud to help drive down cost and reduce time to training.

Use Cases

Simulation Optimization (Bayesian)

Leverage Bayesian Optimization to improve time to market, product quality, reduce costs, and utilize fewer cores to reach a higher confidence solution.

Object Detection and Classification

Solutions to develop sophisticated pattern recognition and classification capabilities to help train highly accurate models to classify images and detect objects in images and videos.

License Optimization/Prediction

Capture previous license management workflows and develop long term strategies. License forecasting to lower cost and accelerate time to market.

Our Services

Model Building

Sycomp can help select the appropriate tools to optimize Model creation and design and architect the infrastructure needed to maximize training and ML infrastructure.

Data Scientists

Leverage a team of Data Scientists to help with your organization's AI endeavors.

Fast Track Proof of Concept

Sycomp’s Innovation Center provides a hands-on opportunity to evaluate, test, and validate the latest technologies. Leverage our Innovation Center to run a proof of concept and easily deploy a unified HPC solution.​

Architecture & Implementation

Leverage our expert team of architects and engineers to tune, configure, and implement your AI/ML infrastructure.

Markets Served

Business Services
Financial Services/Tech

Media & Entertainment

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