Straightforward Infrastructure Solutions. Sycomp’s consultative approach enables clients to realize cost-effective infrastructure solutions aligning with business goals and technical strategies. With a team of highly skilled engineers to analyze requirements and evaluate precise solutions to solve complex data center challenges, Sycomp offers the following core competencies:


Today’s business leaders demand scalable, secure servers optimized to adapt to any evolving enterprise or cloud requirements. Sycomp supports infrastructure server and storage solutions built with open technologies and designed for mission-critical and cloud-enabled applications. Solutions include:

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    Enterprise Systems

    IBM Power Systems are designed for the enterprise that demands resiliency, security and scalability to support mission-critical and dynamic-application workloads.
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    x86 Rack-Mount and Converged Systems

    For organizations seeking cost-effective, versatile platforms to support business critical workloads worldwide, Sycomp offers solutions from Lenovo and Cisco.
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    Hyper-Converged Systems

    To simplify and break down IT silos and dramatically reduce server, storage and virtualization complexity in data centers of all sizes, Sycomp offers solutions from Nutanix and Lenovo.


Data volumes continue to grow at an exponential rate. Information Technology teams need to be smarter about the storage, provision and management of data to accelerate company growth and innovation while controlling costs. Sycomp is uniquely positioned to architect and deploy an optimized mix of hybrid storage system and software configurations that provide clients with extensive scalability, reduced complexity, high performance and optimized management to meet the dynamic needs of today’s global enterprise. These include:
  • Hybrid Storage Mixed media solutions that allow clients to tailor storage to meet exact business needs.
  • Flash Storage Achieve scalable performance and operational efficiency for companies while reducing floor space.
  • Tape Storage Clients rely on tape storage for cost-effective, long-term data retention to support traditional backups, big data and cloud computing.
  • Cloud and Software-Defined Storage Solutions for massive growth in data volumes driven by cloud and cognitive applications.


In a connected world, the numbers of devices increase, as does device complexity. Sycomp designs connectivity solutions for large and small organizations to help gain and maintain flexibility, visibility, and insights into IT infrastructures, which enables cost-effective IT agility, scalability, and security. Solutions include:

IP Networking Simplified routing and switching with solutions in partnership with Cisco, Juniper and Brocade.
SAN Networking Optimized Fibre Channel storage in partnership with Brocade and Cisco.
WAN Optimization Gain performance and cost efficiencies through implementation of load balancing, WAN optimization and WAN acceleration solutions with Silver Peak.
Network Software Prediction of performance issues and resolution of IT problems quickly through partnership with IBM and Cisco.


Unplanned outages have a significant impact on an organization. Through strategic partnerships, Sycomp offers a comprehensive set of enterprise software solutions to assist clients in addressing challenges associated with managing and maintaining a demanding global enterprise. Key solutions include:
  • Backup, Recovery, and Archival Software A secure, reliable backup and recovery environment is an integral component of any enterprise’s data center.
  • IT System Management Monitoring, capacity planning, and trending analysis tools are critical to maintaining stable, steady state environments and to project growth trends.
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery Business requirements do not tolerate downtime, planned or unplanned – high availability and disaster recovery processes and procedures are a mainstay for mature IT organizations.
  • Virtualization Skilled in efficient resource utilization and optimization using Hypervisor technology, Sycomp lowers operational costs and third-party software licensing for enterprises.


Many organizations are challenged with harnessing and translating data into actionable insight. Sycomp’s Analytics Solutions enable customers to leverage hardware and software technologies and gain visibility and insight to translate data into a competitive advantage, including:

Hybrid Solutions Sycomp provides hybrid and cloud solutions that enables clients to realize the true value of their data by uncovering business value to create market demand and advantage.</span