Sycomp Storage Fueled by IBM Spectrum Scale on Google Cloud

Data is the catalyst, Sycomp Storage fueled by IBM Spectrum Scale is the accelerant. Sycomp provides High-Performance Storage and Compute to support global multi-national Enterprise clients across a wide variety of industries. We assess and evaluate your Compute, Network, and Storage capacity needs to optimize the price and performance of your Cloud experience.

Unleash the full power of your HPC and big data workloads for Google Cloud

Our powerful solution enables you to simultaneously access data from hundreds of virtual machines, delivering unrivaled speed and efficiency to your business operations.

Auto-Tiering Technology

Automatically manage tiers of storage to ensure maximum performance and reduce costs to deliver the speed and reliability you need to succeed.

Deploy in Minutes

Deploy Sycomp Storage Fueled by IBM Spectrum Scale in minutes via Google Marketplace, and enjoy seamless access to your data via NFS, SMB, and the native IBM Spectrum Scale client.

Maximize Performance

Up to 320 GB/S (NFS) That can be optimized to VM and disk SKU combination. Tune to the desired VM and disk SKUs. Optimize price and performance

“HPC and AI customers demand the best price and performance out of [Google Cloud] GCP. The new Sycomp storage offering in our Marketplace delivers a fully supported high-performance storage offering that users have been waiting for. Sycomp Storage Fueled by IBM Spectrum Scale provides a performant parallel file system that can dynamically access data in Google Cloud Storage and then deliver up to 300 GB/s of low latency read capability!”

Unlock the full potential of your data and transform your business operations.

Sycomp Storage Fueled by IBM Spectrum Scale on Google Cloud exceeds expectations for data consistency, faster data access, data placement, and data in-motion encryption than other solutions on the cloud.

Sycomp Storage Fueled by IBM Spectrum Scale Now Available in Google Marketplace

The most secure and capable solution in the cloud.

Cloud Your Way

Sycomp Storage Fueled by IBM Spectrum Scale is the answer to your data challenges. Our solution enables organizations to utilize different storage tiers whether they are incorporating on-prem IBM Spectrum Scale with our offering in Google Cloud or deploying a cloud-only solution. Sycomp’s offering supports NFS, SMB, and the native client.

Burst to Cloud

Sycomp’s offerings of IBM Spectrum Scale creates an unmatched storage solution for running HPC and AI/ML workloads. Sycomp’s solution provides a venue for new and existing clients looking to use Google Cloud as a burst platform for these modern workloads.

Optimized for GCP

Use Sycomp Storage fueled by IBM Spectrum Scale as your optimal Google Cloud platform for High-performance storage with Cloud economics, to deploy in minutes to hours, not days, gain agile scalability to meet “burst” workloads, and model and deploy new workloads using the best price/performance environment.

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