Increasing value while reducing IT complexity Sycomp’s global capability to assess, design, integrate, deliver and support a wide range of cost-effective technology solutions and services is second to none. Experts in understanding the business conversation and mapping the client’s business needs to solutions, Sycomp globally assesses, designs, integrates, delivers and supports robust technology solutions and services. Across our offices in more than 20 foreign countries, Sycomp distinguishes itself by adopting an agile delivery model, providing consistent, high-quality services across the globe.

Assess and Analyze

As customers embark upon IT transformation projects, gaining control of server storage and cloud sprawl is a monumental task.  Organizations are struggling to understand infrastructure dynamics, security vulnerabilities, application affinity and data integrity.  Sycomp’s Assessment and Analysis Services gives a line of sight across the entire current state enterprise IT and Security infrastructure to help clients maximize the return on their IT investments:

Sycomp’s automated Infrastructure Discovery and Assessment service streamlines the IT infrastructure, lowers project costs and increases accuracy. The service scans, discovers, analyzes and reports on physical and virtual environments, and eliminates manual discovery to provide IT platform security insight.


Health Check – Achieve a better return on investment. Sycomp’s Health Check Service provides full assessments of hardware, software, security and networking capabilities to identify areas of exposure and make recommendations to optimize system performance, resource utilization and return on investment.


IT Consolidation and Optimization – Design and build IT infrastructure to better support critical business needs for continued success. Sycomp’s IT Consolidation and Optimization Service takes a top-down approach to analyzing server and storage infrastructure and provide higher availability, better resource realignment, increased performance, faster application deployments and improved costs.

The benefits of server consolidation include greater computing efficiency, lower power and cooling costs, and the flexibility to migrate workloads between physical servers. -- Stephen J. Bigelow, Senior Technology Editor, TechTarget

Data Center and Carrier Assessment – A single contact for technology infrastructure needs. Sycomp maintains strong partnerships, which allows network consultants to customize cost-effective, business-responsive data center connectivity solutions by combining an unbiased, vendor-agnostic approach with expertise across multiple service providers' solutions.

A Sycomp account advocate can serve as a single interface for software and hardware issues and give the client access to priority support... a single point of entry for cross-platform assistance. -- Allen Shahdadi, Sycomp Vice President of Global Sales

Design and Architecture

Data is the lifeblood of any organization, but it is valuable only if you can access it. When workloads increase, maintaining capacity, scalability and manageability of your IT environment is critical. Sycomp’s Design and Architecture Services provides the consulting expertise to help define and validate technical needs and create new and innovative solutions that lead to client success:

Design is a creative activity—consequently, there is no process that will guarantee good designs, but there are some principles that will increase the probability of getting a good design. A. Terry Bahill, PE, and Rick Botta, Fundamental Principles of Good System Design

Infrastructure Optimization and Transformation – Create and optimize IT infrastructure that grows with the organization. Sycomp’s Consulting Architects map business needs to technology capabilities and help clients understand various server, storage, security and cloud offerings to best meet their needs. Sycomp’s Architects offer development of long-term technology roadmaps to include planning, design, configuration, migration, training, solution testing and verification.

An optimized IT infrastructure ... brings about significant cost reduction, increased security, and improved availability and manageability. -- Core Infrastructure Optimization Implementer Resource Guide: Basic to Standardized, Microsoft Corp. TechNet Library

Information Life Cycle Management – Strengthen and simplify the data management process. Sycomp utilizes process-driven policy to manage data lifecycles from initial requirements to data retirement. Sycomp’s Data Flow Analysis Service provides real-time data flow visibility to gain control over stored data and data in motion, and to gather insight into data profiling and storage.


IT Modernization Workshops – Leverage technology trends to provide true business value. Sycomp offers IT Modernization Workshops on real technology and business issues to help clients understand the barrage of information they receive on a multitude of vendor solutions, as well as to realize how new technologies may meet their business needs.


Cloud Readiness and Transformation – Demystify complexity of private hybrid and public cloud decisions. Sycomp’s Decision Analytics assists businesses avoid the pitfalls of cloud solution selection, establish governance and drive cloud strategy adoption. Sycomp assesses application profiles, models transformation scenarios, and discovers the best execution based upon user demographics, service levels, security, technology and total cost of ownership.


Integration and Implementation

Living in an era of spandex-tight IT budgets, companies have to do more with less.  The efficient and effective deployment of IT solutions on a global scale means quicker time to value.  Sycomp’s Global Integration, Implementation and Logistics Services compliments the capabilities of our client’s own internal staff; providing extensive expertise for integrating, delivering, installing and configuring complex compute, storage, network and security solutions worldwide:


Integration and Logistics Center – Integration, delivery and implementation of global solutions meet the demands of every business. Located in San Carlos, CA, Sycomp’s Integration and Logistics Center (IC) receives, inventories, assembles, configures, tests and builds system solutions prior to customer delivery worldwide. Sycomp’s IC Support Service enhances IT support to regional offices on six continents in 17 countries and includes: A secure, climate controlled facility, housing modular workstations and integrating, imaging and configuring up to 72 systems concurrently, provides warehousing for just-in-time delivery. Certified System Engineer and Logistical Teams that customize integration capabilities to accommodate requirements for onsite system builds and configuration support, sustain order receipt and tracking, as well as domestic and international shipping to more than 100 countries.


Customized Implementation – Efficient, professional installation of diverse IT environments. Sycomp offers local client resources a worldwide reach by working independently or side by side with IT staffs. Sycomp’s global engineering talent delivers customized implementation services to configure and facilitate quick and effective installation of servers, storage, security and network infrastructures with minimal disruption.


Project Management – Proficiency ensures on time, global delivery. On-time and on-budget delivery of simple and complex projects is mandatory in today’s competitive business environment. Experienced in data center build outs, outsourcing, insourcing and application/database transformation, Sycomp offers Program Management Services to guarantee all project aspects are identified and tracked.


Training and Support

As enterprises seek to maintain a strategic advantage across the global marketplace, they will continue to deploy innovative technologies to streamline IT service delivery and simplify business processes.  As clients confront these new challenges, Sycomp’s Training and Support Services provides the skills and expertise to cross-train and support our clients IT staff; leading to a decrease in resolution time, improve overall IT system management, and minimize downtime for long-term success in this competitive market:


Customized Knowledge Transfer – Enhanced support new IT environments with professional implementation and knowledge transfer training. Sycomp trains the trainer and transfers knowledge through customized training sessions, during or after the implementation of IT projects, and offers the flexibility to work side-by-side with IT staffs to ensure solution setups and daily maintenance requirements are understood.


Tuning and Optimization – IT resource utilization directly impacts companies’ productivity. Sycomp’s Tuning and Optimization Service supports clients to better leverage IT environments, and reduce complexity and energy use while improving performance, capacity and data management. This service addresses configuration and resource utilization; identifies orphaned storage, hosts, free space and single points of failure; and improves resource capacity, performance and utilization.


Staff Augmentation – Extensions of clients’ IT staffs provides needed value. Sycomp offers a variety of Staff Augmentation Contracts to meet uncertainty in today’s dynamic environment. Offering short- and long-term contracts, Sycomp’s talent and knowledge supports client needs through onsite or remote support with fixed-price or time and materials options.


Account Advocate – Resources and support focus ensures availability of critical business solutions. Sycomp’s Account Advocate Service provides a single-point, technical resource serve as a vendor liaison and extension of an internal team to address problem isolation, resolution, and tracking IT system health through assistance with monthly or quarterly IT reviews.


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