Sycomp Well-Architected Framework Review

The Well-Architected Framework Review (WAFR) is an assessment based on a set of concepts, design principles, and architectural best practices. These are aimed to help customers design, build, and operate secure, reliable, and efficient infrastructure for their workloads on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

By following the principles outlined in the AWS Well-Architected Framework, Sycomp can assist customers with building a strong foundation for their applications, reduce risk, and improve the overall performance and cost- effectiveness of their infrastructure.

Realize the Value of AWS Architectural Best Practices

Gain an understanding of the pros and cons that apply to the decisions made when building and operating systems on AWS. The guidance provided by the AWS Well-Architected Framework will be able to measure your architectures against proven best practices and rapidly identify areas that need improvement.

Identify Improvement

Regularly review the state of workloads to identify improvement opportunities across the six pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

Cost Savings

Save money by shutting down under-utilized or orphaned instances and receive up to $5,000 in service credits from AWS.

Accelerate Innovation

Help your cloud architects to build and operate secure, high- performing, resilient, and efficient application infrastructures.

Optimize Workloads With AWS Well-Architected

Accelerate modernization by building and operating secure, high- performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for systems using the AWS Well-Architected Framework. Sycomp will work with you to evaluate architectures for high-risk issues and offer improvement plans based on AWS Well-Architected Framework best practices.

6 Pillars of the Well-Architected Framework:

Sycomp Well-Architected Service Now Available in AWS Marketplace