Case Study: Disaster Recovery Modernization with Amazon S3

Disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity are critical in any organization’s preparation for unforeseen risks to its IT infrastructure. Knowing that data loss of any kind would be detrimental to their business, this Sycomp customer recognized the need for a modern disaster recovery solution that would enable them to quickly mitigate issues and allow operations to continue as scheduled with little disruption.

Specifically, the company wanted to set up DR for their data center in two places to further shield essential business assets during a disaster and to meet the ever-evolving need for data protection and resiliency.

The customer entrusted their Amazon S3 DR project to Sycomp because their AWS-certified, highly skilled engineers have extensive experience in storage solutions in AWS and hybrid environments. With Sycomp engineers engaged to help architect and deploy storage solutions in AWS for backup, archiving, DR, and data protection, the client successfully and efficiently had the Amazon S3 environment configured as DR for the on-prem backup tool, Veeam.

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