Case Study: Backup & Archive with AWS

Scalable, cost effective file sharing and data archiving.





Mygrant Glass required a scalable, cost-effective file sharing and data archiving solution to meet their needs as they continue to grow. As their customer base increased across the US, their NFS file shares were running out of space and the costs to add more storage were increasing. The client also needed to upgrade their backup strategy while lowering their backup costs. Their tape backups were becoming unmanageable and too expensive to store offsite.


By carefully evaluating the client’s current backup and archiving strategies and performing costs analysis, Sycomp proposed replacing NFS File shares with Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) and Amazon S3 Glacier for backup and archiving. The client engaged Sycomp’s professional services to architect, design, and deploy all the resources needed to implement Amazon EFS allowing the client’s IT team to focus on their daily tasks with minimal disruption.Sycomp also implemented automation to ensure the backups of data to Glacier would happen on a recurring schedule.

Benefits & Results:

Replacing their NFS file share with Amazon EFS provided the client with the amount of storage they need, the instant they need it. Backing up their data on Amazon EFS with S3 Glacier reduced their costs of storing archived data when compared to storing tape backups offsite.

  • Save an estimate of 20% on NFS costs and archived data storage
  • With EFS pay per use model, costs are predictable as they scale

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